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Toxins Present in Common Mills ‘Loaded’ Cereal

February 1, 2024, Common Mills, Inc. launched a brand new breakfast cereal line referred to as “LOADED.” The brand new line options enlarged squares of well-liked cereals — Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, and Cocoa Puffs — crammed with artificially flavored vanilla creme.

Testing1 by Mothers Throughout America (MAA) now reveal Trix LOADED (the one LOADED cereal included on this preliminary check) comprises aluminum, cadmium, arsenic and lead, in some instances far exceeding the U.S. Environmental Safety Company’s allowable ranges in consuming water. For instance, the 2 Trix LOADED samples contained:

  • Greater than double the EPA’s allowable stage for lead
  • 400% larger ranges of cadmium than what the EPA permits
  • 1,365% and 1,650% larger ranges of aluminum than what the EPA permits

As famous by Epoch Instances reporter Megan Redshaw:2

“In 2008, the European Meals Security Authority established a ‘tolerable weekly consumption’3 of 1 mg of aluminum per kg of physique weight per week, primarily based on mixed proof from animal research that assessed dietary administration of aluminum compounds.

Utilizing European Union requirements, if a baby eats a 40-gram serving of Trix LOADED cereal each day, the weekly consumption of aluminum could be 0.98 mg/week primarily based on one pattern and 0.82 mg/week primarily based on the opposite.

That is roughly equal to the EU’s restrict with out contemplating different sources of aluminum publicity, comparable to flour, baking soda, medicines, processed meals, and aluminum pots and pans.”

Poisonous Pesticides Detected

Glyphosate and eight completely different pesticides had been additionally detected. Whereas most had solely hint ranges, two — piperonyl butoxide-1 (PBO) and fluopyram-1 — had been discovered at larger ranges.

PBO is a broad-spectrum fungicide that has been linked to liver issues, endocrine disruption, neurodevelopmental issues and thyroid most cancers. The U.S. classifies it as a “attainable human carcinogen” primarily based on animal research. Glyphosate additionally has carcinogenic potential. The Worldwide Company for Analysis on Most cancers (IARC) classifies it as “in all probability” carcinogenic to people. As reported by Redshaw:4

“Glyphosate, essentially the most broadly used herbicide on the planet, was present in each samples of Trix LOADED cereal at 15.83 ppb and 17.47 ppb … Research have confirmed a hyperlink between glyphosate and quite a few well being circumstances, together with cancers and nervous system issues.

Moreover, Monsanto, now Bayer, agreed to pay roughly $11 billion to settle claims filed by people who say Roundup brought about their non-Hodgkin lymphoma or different associated cancers. As of March, there are 4,253 most cancers lawsuits, out of the 4,800 claims initially filed, nonetheless pending within the California Roundup multi-district litigation.

In analysis5 revealed by the College of California, Berkeley Faculty of Public Well being, scientists discovered that childhood publicity to glyphosate is linked to liver irritation and metabolic issues in maturity that would result in liver most cancers, diabetes, and cardiovascular illnesses later in life.

Researchers discovered excessive ranges of glyphosate residue within the urine of kids and adolescents and reported that weight loss program was a key supply of publicity — as ranges had been larger in those that consumed extra cereals and carbohydrates.”

MAA Calls on Common Mills to Clear Up Its Product Line

In an e mail supplied to The Epoch Instances, the MAA referred to as on Common Mills to supply components from suppliers that don’t use glyphosate or different chemical compounds as a drying agent and/or preharvest weedkiller. MAA can be urging the corporate to:

  • Section out using glyphosate as a weedkiller inside one to 2 years.
  • Take a look at all fertilizers used for heavy metallic contaminants and shift to utilizing solely the most secure ones.
  • Help and promote regenerative natural farming practices.

MAA director Zen Honeycutt instructed The Epoch Instances:

“We hope shoppers will be taught the reality in regards to the contents of LOADED cereal and make selections to help their household’s well being. We additionally hope they [consumers] will alert their elected officers that some of these meals, with excessive heavy metals and agrochemicals, don’t have any place within the American meals provide.”

Keep away from All Processed Cereals

Whereas heavy metallic and pesticide contaminants are definitely motive sufficient to keep away from processed cereals, they’re not the one ones. Cereals of every kind are additionally loaded with seed oils, and are subsequently a serious supply of linoleic acid (LA), which I imagine will be the greatest contributor to persistent illness within the Western world — far better than refined sugar.

The primary motive why extra LA causes illness is as a result of it prevents your mitochondria from working nicely. I describe this course of in my 2023 scientific overview revealed within the journal Vitamins,6 coauthored by Christopher D’Adamo.

In abstract, mitochondria are subcellular organelles chargeable for producing most of your mobile power within the type of ATP, and with out ATP, your cells can not operate and restore themselves usually.

Polyunsaturated fat like LA are simply broken by oxygen in a course of referred to as oxidation, which triggers the creation damaging free radicals. These, in flip, give rise to superior lipoxidation finish merchandise (ALEs), and within the case of omega-6 fat, oxidized linoleic acid metabolites (OXLAMs).

These ALEs and OXLAMs are what trigger mitochondrial dysfunction, which is a trademark of most all persistent illness. Along with oxidation, irritation and mitochondrial dysfunction, seed oils may also:

Harm the cells lining your blood vessels

Trigger reminiscence impairment and improve your threat of Alzheimer’s illness (canola oil, particularly, has been linked to Alzheimer’s)

Strip your liver of glutathione thereby decreasing your antioxidant defenses

Inhibit delta-6 desaturase (delta-6), an enzyme concerned within the conversion of short-chained omega-3s to longer chained omega-3s in your liver

Impair your immune operate and improve mortality

Make your fats cells extra insulin delicate, thereby inflicting insulin resistance

Inhibit cardiolipin, an necessary fats within the inside membrane of your mitochondria

Why Bone Broth Is the Breakfast (and Dinner) of Selection

The CEO of Kellogg lately made headlines when he advised households scuffling with rising meals costs ought to contemplate consuming cereal for dinner. Clearly, that’s received to be one of many worst dietary suggestions up to now. As famous by Dr. Paul Saladino within the video above, it gained’t even prevent cash.

Nevertheless, whereas Saladino recommends floor beef as a superior choice, I imagine there’s a good higher different: bone broth, both by itself or as a soup or stew base or used because the water to cook dinner white rice. Why?

As a result of remoted muscle meats are excessive in methionine, tryptophan and histidine, all of which have been proven to correlate with a lower in longevity. In the meantime, the amino acids in collagen — glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and alanine — are related to improved well being and illness prevention.

As only one instance, glycine performs a number of crucial roles within the mind, impacting cognition, temper and total neurological operate. It serves each as a neurotransmitter and a neuromodulator within the central nervous system, and helps cut back neuronal excitability, resulting in a chilled impact on the mind.

amino acid

Medical science has arguably carried out us a disservice by classifying glycine and proline as solely “conditionally important” somewhat than “important.” The rationale has been that because the physique can synthesize them de novo (from different uncooked supplies), they needn’t be emphasised in our weight loss program.

This attitude, nevertheless, misses a vital nuance: your physique’s capability to generate these amino acids doesn’t match the degrees required for optimum well being. This mismatch, in impact, renders them important — very important elements that should be sourced from our weight loss program to forestall deficiency and help maximal lifespan.

Traditionally, the consumption of connective tissue was commonplace, largely via the consumption of gelatin-rich meals like Jello desserts and different sources of connective tissue. Gelatin, a processed type of collagen, comprises these “conditionally important” amino acids and performed a extra vital position within the diets of our ancestors. This dietary behavior unknowingly supported a stability that fashionable diets don’t.

The truth is you want about one-third of your each day protein consumption to return from collagen sources. Should you don’t, finally your physique’s structural integrity, joint well being, and the myriad processes that these amino acids help — from wound therapeutic to the upkeep of wholesome pores and skin and the prevention of aging-related decline — will falter.

So, somewhat than consuming beef for breakfast, a much better different could be to drink some selfmade bone broth.

The decision to reintegrate connective tissue into our diets is just not merely a nod to custom however a backed-by-science method to reclaiming a side of diet pivotal for longevity. It’s about redefining what we view as “important” in our diets and recognizing that, for optimum well being and the longest attainable lifespan, we should look past the macronutrients and micronutrients which have dominated dietary recommendation.

In brief, we should be sure that collagen and its crucial amino acids will not be simply current however considerable in our each day weight loss program. Should you stability your pink meat consumption with collagen, then pink meat is okay, however consuming muscle meat alone will be problematic. To be taught extra about this, see “Why Collagen Is a Confirmed Necessity.”

The Straightforward Strategy to Make Bone Broth

The perfect supply of collagen is selfmade bone broth, which you’ll whip up in 4 hours utilizing a stress cooker comparable to an Instantaneous Pot. Merely place the bones within the Instantaneous Pot, cowl the bones with pure, filtered water, add salt and different spices to style, then set it to cook dinner on excessive for 2 hours if the bones are CAFO, and 4 hours if natural and grass fed.

Natural grass fed beef bones are one of the best. Utilizing bones from CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) beef will be problematic attributable to potential heavy metallic contamination. When cooking these bones in a stress cooker, it is best to restrict the time to 2 hours to keep away from introducing heavy metals into your broth.

Should you’re utilizing beef bones from grass fed natural sources, you possibly can safely cook dinner them for 4 hours. Utilizing bones from an natural supply is much more necessary when you’re utilizing rooster, as CAFO chickens have a tendency to provide inventory that doesn’t gel,7 which raises questions in regards to the high quality of the collagen you’re getting.

When making ready bone broth at residence, it is very important chill the bone broth earlier than you eat so the fats will rise to the highest and you may skim it off. Whereas some beef fats is nice, extra will be problematic.

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