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Moon Salutations: Reconnecting To Nature & Reclaiming Your Night – Weblog

For so long as historical past can recount, cultures all through the world have revered the cyclical patterns of nature, honouring the turning of seasons, the rising and setting solar, and the phases of the moon. While we’re all affected a technique or one other by the patterns of climate on a daily foundation and the quantity of daylight we’re uncovered to, the moon additionally has its personal energy that waxes and wanes all through the month.

The fiery dynamism of the solar has been honoured for 1000’s of years not solely by the Jap solar salutations and mantras, but additionally by the Egyptians and historic Mesopotamian cultures who linked it to a way of masculinity and power. We discover wholeness by embracing opposites, so when the solar units, the moon is there to be honoured too. In a distinction to the yang power of the solar, the moon brings a way of coolness, calmness, and essence of yin. The complete moon specifically is a shiny and highly effective reminder to welcome in each the primordial masculine and female energies, and interact with the complete spectrum of sunshine and darkish.

While you might be aware of Surya Namaskar or the solar salutations – historically practiced with the rising solar – the moon salutations or Chandra Namaskar are basically the lunar or female counterpart, encompassing a extra watery, fluid high quality as an alternative of the dynamic fireplace of the solar salutes. The phrase Chandra means ‘moon’, nevertheless it additionally refers back to the lunar deity Chandra Deva, who was initially a feminine deity, stated to manipulate crops and nature, and symbolize the reflective and luminescent nature of the thoughts. Namaskar refers to ‘saluting’, and will be regarded as a greeting or gesture of respect.

The moon salutations are a solution to not solely welcome within the cool darkness of the night time, but additionally provide a reminder to mirror upon our personal phases and cycles. Practising a moon salutation is a solution to acknowledge and respect that simply as the complete moon strikes by fixed change, so too do our minds and our bodies. Irrespective of whether or not you determine as a person or a girl, all of us have a stability of masculine fireplace and female water qualities inside us, and sure actions can evoke every of those qualities.

The moon salutations embody open, swish and sweeping actions, specializing in opening the hips and inspiring a way of just about meditative dance.  In a world stuffed with quick motion, the ‘on the spot – ness’ of every thing feeling fairly staccato and abrupt typically, and it may be extremely nourishing and balancing to lose your self in a gradual and meandering apply to assist the thoughts and physique transition from busy day to blissful night time. Whether or not you apply usually or are simply beginning out, discover the moon salutations and uncover how they may also help you decelerate and reconnect to nighttime time nature. Change off the screens and reclaim your night!

Do that Moon Salutation sequence at dwelling:

  • Urdhva Hastasana / Upward Salute: On an inhale prolong your arms as much as the sky, taking Kali Mudra with the arms by interlacing your fingers, index fingers pointing up. Exhale and ship your higher torso and arms to the suitable to take a facet stretch. Inhale and are available again to heart. Exhale and bend to the left. Inhale to return again to heart. Exhale as you launch your arms.
  • Goddess Pose: Exhale, step the toes huge aside, toes pointing barely out. Bend the knees and squat down, take heed to holding the knees consistent with the ankles and the pelvis impartial. Take Cactus arms by bending the elbows to a 90-degree angle.
  • Trikonasana / Triangle Pose: Inhale straighten the legs, flip each toes to the suitable. Prolong each arms out parallel to the ground. Exhale, attain lengthy over the suitable leg. Decrease the suitable hand to ankle or a brick and prolong the left arm to the sky. Inhale and rotate the chest to the sky.
  • Parsvottonasana / Pyramid Pose: Exhale, take your left hand down in the direction of the ground, in order that each arms are resting on a brick or the mat. Deliver the again foot ahead barely to make your stance shorter and work in the direction of turning each hips in the direction of the entrance of the mat. Inhale to elongate the backbone and exhale to fold forwards over the suitable leg. Retaining the entrance leg straight or taking a small microbend.
  • Low Lunge over proper foot: Inhale, step the left foot again and bend the suitable knee so that you come right into a lunge place with the left knee on the bottom. Prolong the arms in Kali Mudra and ship the guts to the sky, exploring a small backbend.
  • Skandasana / Vast legged squat over proper leg: Exhale, convey each arms to the ground both facet of the entrance foot. Flip to face the facet of the mat on the ball of the suitable foot. Maintain the left leg prolonged and level the toes to the ceiling, flexing the foot. In case your stability permits it convey your arms collectively in Anjuli Mudra (prayer place) or preserve your fingertips resting on the ground or two bricks (see picture above).
  • Skandasana / Vast legged squat over left leg: Swap sides by shifting although the center with the arms and taking Skandasana on the other facet.
  • Low lunge over left foot: Proper leg steps additional again, each arms framing the left foot. Prolong the arms up and take Kali Mudra, opening the guts to the sky.
  • Parsvottonasana / Pyramid Pose: On an exhale, proper foot steps in just a little, left leg straightens, stage the hips and are available into Parvsottonasana. Inhale to lenghthen and exhale to fold over the left leg.
  • Trikonasana/ Triangle Pose: Inhale, proper foot readjusts and proper arm extends upwards, rotate your chest to the sky. Exhale.
  • Goddess Pose: Straighten the legs and the arms out parallel. Flip toes to level outwards and are available to face the facet of the mat. Exhale, bend the knees and sink into Goddess pose squat.
  • Urdhva Hastasana / Upward Salute: Inhale, step the toes again in collectively, prolong the arms up in the direction of the sky, taking Kali Mudra with the arms. Exhale bend to the left for a facet stretch. Inhale come to centre and exhale come to the suitable for a facet stretch.

Palms come all the way down to coronary heart centre In Anjuli Mudra and repeat as many instances as desired.


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