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9 Issues That Make TMJ Dysfunction Worse

TMJ dysfunction could be brought on by injury to the jaw joints or surrounding tissues. Ache from TMJ dysfunction is usually described as a pointy ache that radiates from the joint to the opposite components of the face and even unfold to the neck and shoulders. This ache turns into extra intense with speaking, jaw motion, chewing, and comparable behaviors. If you’re experiencing TMJ dysfunction, there are particular habits you have to keep away from which may make your TMJ dysfunction worse. Learn on to search out out about this and different details about TMJ.

What’s TMJ?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. The temporomandibular joints are positioned on both aspect of your head, simply in entrance of your ears. TMJs join your decrease jaw bone to your cranium and assist with actions like chewing and speaking.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction could be brought on by an issue within the TMJ joint itself or the muscle tissue round it. The commonest symptom of temporomandibular joint dysfunction is boring ache on this space. As well as, TMJ dysfunction may cause complications, earaches, neck stiffness, and clicking noises within the jaw.

Frequent signs of TMJ

TMJ can seem with varied indicators and signs. It requires skilled prognosis by a dentist or a TMJ specialist to verify if you’re affected by the situation or not.

Frequent signs of TMJ issues might embody:

  • Jaw ache
  • Headache
  • Ache within the neck or shoulders
  • Problem opening the mouth fully
  • Jaws that “lock” in or closed mouth place.
  • When opening or closing the mouth, a click on, sound or grating happens within the jaw joint.
  • A drained feeling in your face
  • Problem chewing
  • Ear ache or different ear signs equivalent to tinnitus or ringing within the ears
  • Adjustments in the way in which the tooth match collectively
  • Swelling on the aspect of your face
  • Toothache

9 issues that make TMJ dysfunction worse

TMJ could be worsened by quite a lot of components, together with:

1-Stress and anxiousness

Whenever you’re bored, anxious, or harassed, do you chew a pencil or pen? By straining the jaw, pointless chewing can set off TMJ signs. Stress may cause stress within the jaw muscle tissue and improve the opportunity of tooth clenching or grinding.

2-Chewing gum

Chewing gum is one other instance of placing your jaw underneath strain. Chewing gum could be enjoyable, however not when inflicting issues. Because the jaw is essentially the most lively joint within the physique, limiting the utilization of joints and muscle tissue is important to alleviate strain and lets them relaxation. The preliminary step in treating TMJ signs is resting aching muscle tissue and joints. Should you chew gum regularly all through the day, this may solely proceed to pressure your jaw.

3-Laborious meals

Eating large bits and hard foods can make TMJ worse

There are specific meals that may worsen TMJ signs, equivalent to exhausting or chewy meals that require plenty of chewing. This consists of uncooked greens or powerful meats which may put extra strain on the jaw joint.

Keep away from consuming sticky and candy meals and fruits. Additionally, consuming massive bites and meals that require extreme jaw motion causes the jaw muscle tissue to overwork and put strain on them, thus aggravating TMJ signs.

4-Poor posture

Slouching and poor posture can result in again and neck issues and TMJ isn’t an exception. Your jaw works finest when your head rests comfortably above your cervical backbone, and when your posture is straight. Should you slouch, your jaw muscle tissue must work more durable to open and shut your jaw. In case you have a foul behavior of slouching, you may attempt completely different workout routines or posture correctors.

When standing, distribute your physique weight evenly to the entrance, again, and sides of your toes. Place your laptop or telephone such that you’re not frequently wanting down. Additionally, take common breaks.

Align the ear lobes, shoulder blades, and hips in a single vertical line.

5-Chewing with one aspect

Pay attention to your chewing habits and chew meals with either side of your mouth. Chewing on one aspect of your mouth impacts and places strain on the jaw and temporomandibular joints.

6-Tooth grinding or clenching

Grinding tooth, also called bruxism, could make TMJ worse. Clenching and grinding of tooth can occur as a result of stress, misalignment of tooth, way of life habits like smoking or alcohol consumption, genetic components, and sure well being circumstances. The important thing to stopping your self from clenching and grinding is to see your TMJ dentist for remedy. Bruxism is a significant issue which may injury your tooth. It may possibly put an excessive amount of strain on the jaw muscle tissue.

7-Harm or trauma

Harm or trauma is one thing that may have an effect on your jaw and result in TMJ. A blow to the pinnacle or face may cause injury to the jaw joints together with the cranium. Whiplash, or something that impacts the way you carry your head on the highest of your neck, may cause jaw issues.

8-Resting on the chin

The jaw works finest when your posture is upright. Bending or stooping can put a pressure on the neck and shoulder muscle tissue, which may additionally have an effect on the jaw.

This place could also be comfy, however it impacts the jaw. This motion can put strain on the jaw joints, dislocate the disc, and trigger issues in opening and shutting the jaw.

9-Dental issues

Crowding of tooth happens when there’s not sufficient house for tooth to develop. Misalignment of tooth can put strain on the jaw joint and result in TMJ signs.  Additionally, this example is the most typical cause for turning to orthodontic remedy in most individuals. Crowded and cluttered tooth will not be solely ugly, however are additionally related to gum illness and tooth decay, as it’s troublesome to scrub crowded tooth.

treatment for TMJ


Therapy for TMJ might contain:

  • Workout routines for regular jaw motion. The bodily therapist may help with workout routines to strengthen and stretch the jaw muscle tissue, in addition to present therapeutic massage and different guide remedy.
  • Easy house ideas together with consuming mushy meals, avoiding chewing gum, making use of warmth or chilly packs to the affected space, and practising leisure methods.
  • Anti-inflammatory remedies and over-the-counter ache relievers equivalent to ibuprofen or acetaminophen may help scale back ache and irritation.
  • Relying on the reason for TMJ, dental remedies equivalent to chunk adjustment, orthodontic remedy, or dental home equipment equivalent to splints or mouth guards could also be advisable.
  • In extreme instances, surgical procedure could also be essential to restore or change the broken joint constructions. It’s often a final resort and advisable solely when different remedies have failed.

How is TMJ recognized?

The temporomandibular joint dysfunction is recognized by a dentist or a health care provider specializing within the remedy of head and neck illnesses. Prognosis is often primarily based on a mixture of the affected person’s signs and bodily examination. As well as, radiography (x-rays) could also be used to view the jaw joints and decide the extent of harm.

You may test the vary of movement when opening and shutting the mouth. Squeeze your face and jaw to establish areas of discomfort. As you open and shut your mouth, really feel round your jaw joints.


Should you really feel that you will have signs just like these of TMJ, you should definitely see a dentist or physician first for an in depth examination as a result of there are a variety of illnesses that may have signs just like TMJ dysfunction.

If you’re recognized with TMJ dysfunction, initially attempt to be affected person and versatile. The excellent news is that with easy measures equivalent to self-care and small way of life adjustments, the situation of most sufferers with TMJ dysfunction could be enormously improved.

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