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5 methods to make use of a sandbag – Weblog

I completely LOVE utilizing sandbags in my yoga follow. As somebody who has an anxious thoughts and tends to over fear, it’s most likely no shock that I gravitated in direction of extra grounding practices like restorative yoga. With its emphasis on utilizing a number of props to assist the physique and lengthy holds (postures are held between 5-20 minutes), restorative yoga permits for a gradual downshifting of the nervous system to assist relieve the stresses for day by day life and go away you feeling replenished and renewed. 

Sandbags have been a staple in Iyengar yoga, which is the place the restorative yoga follow has its roots. Including weight to the physique, by means of using sandbags or eye luggage, will help to supply an expertise of grounding, bringing you out of the enterprise of the thoughts and into your bodily physique. It offers a delicate soothing sign to the mind-body connection that it’s protected, like a swaddle can soothe a child, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (our relaxation and digest response). This creates a sense of calm and safety, which helps to ease emotions of stress and anxiousness. 

Right here fellow restorative trainer, Yogamatters August co-host and my pricey pal, Yvonne O’Garro, and I show 5 methods to include sandbags into your restorative follow. 

Enjoyable reality: it was really our mutual love of sandbags that first bonded Yvonne and I once we first met! 🙂

Reclined sure angle 

4 blocks, 2 bolsters, 2 bricks, 2 eye pillows, 2 sandbags

A basic restorative posture, reclined sure angle or supta baddha konasana, sandbags could be integrated into this pose to assist floor the thigh bones. 

  • Place one cork brick horizontally on the high of the mat. Add a second brick vertically angled on high of the primary brick and place the bolster on high. This can be to assist the backbone.
  • Add a neatly folded blanket for the pinnacle.
  • Come to sit down on the mat along with your again to the bolster and produce the soles of your ft collectively, permitting the knees to open large.
  • From there place two blocks on both aspect of the leg. The primary block will lay flat with the second block angled to assist the outer thigh. Repeat on the opposite aspect.
  • Lie again alongside the bolster, ensuring the pinnacle and neck have the assist of the folded blanket. Launch the pores and skin of the shoulder blades down the again and lengthen the tailbone down in direction of the ft. 
  • Place the sandbags on both hip to floor the thigh bones. 
  • Possibility to put a mini bolster over the tops of the ft for grounding (as proven within the picture). 
  • Keep for 10-20 minutes. 


Downward savasana 

2 bolsters, sandbag, small rectangular bolster

Inserting weight alongside the sacrum (the again of the pelvis) in any downward dealing with posture like youngster’s pose or downward savasana, will help to create size alongside the decrease again in addition to launch rigidity.

  • Place one bolster vertically on the high of your mat and the second bolster horizontally throughout the width of the mat.
  • The bolsters must be touching creating an the other way up ‘T’ form. 
  • Use a small rectangular bolster (as proven within the picture) or a rolled up blanket on the backside of the mat to assist the ft. 
  • Come onto all fours (arms and knees) and place the tops of your ft over the mini bolster/rolled blanket. 
  • As you carry your self down onto your bolsters, the decrease stomach will relaxation on the horizontal bolster, simply on the hip crease, and the ribs, chest and head will relaxation onto the vertical bolster. 
  • Flip your head to whichever aspect feels most comfy.
  • Enable the forearms to relaxation onto the bottom, with the elbows barely away from the physique to assist launch throughout the tops of the shoulders. 
  • From there place your sandbag over the again of the pelvis and barely pull down in direction of your backside to create a sense of size. 
  • Keep for 10-20 minutes.


Reclined twist 

1 Blanket, 1 bolster, 2 blocks, 2 sandbags

On this reclined twist there may be the choice to make use of one or two sandbags, relying on what you have got at your disposal. As you’ll be able to see within the picture above, one sandbag is positioned over the suitable hip, with the load of the sandbag barely drawing down away from the physique to assist anchor the hip down and create extra size alongside the suitable aspect physique. The second sandbag is positioned over the suitable shoulder, which is especially helpful in serving to to attract the suitable shoulder down in direction of the ground to assist deepen the twist. 

  • Take a folded blanket and create a small roll, which is able to assist the pure inward curve of the neck. 
  • Place two blocks, in portrait orientation, aspect by aspect, to the left hand aspect of the mat after which place the bolster on high.
  • Come to lie down on the mat with the pinnacle on the blanket and the small roll underneath the neck. 
  • Bend your knees and produce your ft to the ground. From there elevate your hips and shift them over to the suitable. 
  • Straighten your left leg down and hug your proper knee in in direction of your chest. 
  • On an exhalation draw the suitable leg throughout the physique to the left, inserting the decrease leg onto the raised bolster. 
  • The best knee must be roughly in keeping with your hip, guaranteeing that the entire of the decrease leg from the knee to the foot is supported on the bolster. Possibility to put a bolster alongside the outer proper hip to assist minimize the hip down and away from the suitable shoulder. 
  • Lengthen your proper arm out to the suitable, with palm face up. 
  • If the suitable shoulder doesn’t fairly attain the bottom you’ll be able to shuffle your leg shoulder barely to the left to assist launch the suitable shoulder down. Right here is the place you can even place one other sandbag to assist encourage the suitable shoulders in direction of the earth. 
  • Keep for 5-8 minutes after which repeat on the opposite aspect. 


Savasana model 1 

1 sandbag, 1 blanket, 1 belt, 1 bolster

Savasana is among the easiest poses so as to add using a sandbag to. It’s additionally a pose that’s completed on the finish of most yoga courses, no matter class fashion, so you’ll be able to incorporate this on the finish of any yoga follow. Inserting weight over the entrance of the thighs helps to anchor the legs and really feel grounded. 

Right here is an easy savasana arrange:

  • Neatly fold a blanket for the pinnacle, with the graceful rounded edge in direction of you. 
  • Create a loop with the belt and thread your legs by means of the loop. Convey the strap to mid-thigh and tighten sufficient that it holds the legs collectively hip distance aside. 
  • Place the bolster to the again of the thighs, simply behind the knees. 
  • When you lie down with the blanket underneath the pinnacle and neck, the strap across the legs and the bolster behind the thighs, you’ll be able to place the sandbag over the entrance of the thighs, slightly below the entrance hip factors. 
  • Keep for 10-20 minutes.


Savasana model 2 

4 blocks, 1 sandbag, 1 blanket, 1 belt, 1 bolster

Inserting a sandbag over the brow has an identical feeling to utilizing an eye fixed pillow, nevertheless the sandbag has a bit extra weight to it. Including weight to the brow will help to subtly sign to the thoughts to quieten and settle. 

  • Previous to mendacity down for savasana, stack 4 blocks on the high of the mat, simply above your head. 
  • Place the sandbag on high of the 4 stacked blocks after which lie down for savasana.
  • Pull the sandbag down barely from the blocks till it covers your brow. 
  • Because the sandbag is massive, solely a 3rd of the sandbag can be in your brow with the remainder of the sandbag nonetheless resting on high of the blocks. 
  • Ensure that to evenly distribute the load throughout the brow.  

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